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It is located now: HOMEWe provide equipment and are informed of this city hall of the insideWe provide equipment of this in rest, the training, spare time of the insideIt is Tatsunokuchi Onsen footbath from this

Tatsunokuchi Onsen footbath

Announcements on regular holiday

 In our footbath, the following date and time are regular holiday for cleaning such as bathtubs.
 In addition, we may clean by the situation of dirt in bathtub in temporariness other than regular holiday. I would like understanding and cooperation.

 Regular holiday: During the morning of every Wednesday (from 6:00 to 12:00)
 In addition, we will be closed daylong every month on second Wednesday and fourth Wednesday.

The appearance

 This footbathing is located in the middle of walk way linking hot-spring resort to bath of Tatsunokuchi Onsen public bath SATOYAMA which means rural natural areas. From walk road, we could enjoy scenery that there were cityscape of Tatsunokuchi Onsen and taste including rich green, and, in what increased facility only in hot spring resort, charm of walk deepened more.

 We visit classic Tatsunokuchi Onsen to not only person staying in hot spring but also local people casually, and environment to be able to enjoy is regulated well. You heal everyday fatigue, and, as refreshed place, please drop in. 

Summary of footbath

  • Address 13, Tatsunokuchimachi, Nomi-shi, Ishikawa
  • From use time 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 
  • The use is free
  • During the regular holiday morning of every Wednesday (from 6:00 to 12:00)
  •       And it is closed daylong every month on second Wednesday and fourth Wednesday 
  • Slant parking lot one across parking lot road which is given priority to person with a disability in six, site to go

Characteristic of facility

  • Roof and wall are established to use without being influenced by cold and wind and rain.
  • Space is established by women-only attendant court lady.
  • We leave door open at use time, and anyone becomes able to go in and out freely.
  • Bathtub is flowing constantly from the source in pure natural hot spring and always keeps clean state.
  • 30 centimeters, temperature are 40 degrees Celsius to 42 degrees Celsius, and depth of hot water uses gravel stimulating foot pot at bottom.
  • Bench of footbath is established in lateral square-U-shape that user meets each other and can enjoy conversation.
  • Seat with handrail is established to use to elderly person and impaired person safely in space where nine adults can sit relaxedly. 

Spring quality, effect of footbath

  • The source Yakushi, Tatsunokuchi, Izumi source
  • Spring quality sodium - chloride, sulfate spring (hypotonicity alkalescent high temperature spring)
  • senon 42.5 degrees Celsius (we measure at temperature 10.5 degrees Celsius)
  • Gush quantity 40.7L/min (power)


Of neuralgia, muscular pain, arthralgia, the exercise paralysis, joint become stiff, and beat, and see, and sprain, for poor circulation, convalescence convalescence, as for relieving fatigue, health promotion, the arteriosclerosis, is wound, burn, chronicity dermatosis, feebleness child, chronicity woman symptom


 About the following things, I would like cooperation and understanding so that all of you can use footbathing comfortably.

  • As the available number of people is limited at a time, you offer to each other each other, and please use peacefully.
  • Please refrain from smoking and eating and drinking in facility.
  • Please do not throw away garbage in bathtub. It becomes the cause that drainage is clogged up.
  • Please do not put animal in the bathtub.



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Address: Teraicho, Nomi-shi ta 35
Phone number 0761-58-2252
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