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Welcome to homepage of Nomi-shi.
Nomi-shi of the southern part of Ishikawa, Kaga plains is located in the center, and there is to distance of northeast approximately 20km to prefecture capital Kanazawa, and Komatsu-shi with base "Komatsu Airport" on the Sea of Japan side is almost next to the south. It is comfortable very rich geographical features in the sea, river, mountain, level ground leading Nomi hill which is gentle hill country which there are alluvial fan caught in the Tedori River and the Kakehashi River flowing out of Hakusan of 2,702m above sea level in the north side of our city and beautiful shoreline facing the Sea of Japan, and ranges in Hakusan mountain range in the south side.

As for the mean temperature, 14.1 degrees, annual precipitation are 2,135.4mm. It is Sea of Japan side special climate where a lot of snow is affected by periodic wind from northwest in winter hotly in the summer.


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